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Video: Colonial Williamsburg's American Indian Initiative:
A long-forgotten story returns to the streets of Colonial Williamsburg. Learn more about Virginia’s native presence and Colonial Williamsburg’s native programs in this vodcast.

Native American Representations at Colonial Williamsburg: A Part of the Williamsburg Documentary Project

Virginia's First People: Past & Present
A collection of videos and other information from Prince William Net & the Virginia Department of Education, with focus on the Virginia Standards of Learning

A Dictionarie of the Indian Language as Collected by William Strachey, Gent. Found in the Historie of Travaile into Virginia Britannia.1612
And Powhatan Words as recorded by Captain John Smith 1609

Archeological Exploration of Patawomeke: The Indian Town Site (44St2) Ancestral to the One (44Stl) Visited in 1608 by Captain John Smith

American_Anthropologist Jan_Mar 1907_Virginia Indians - the flagship journal of the American Anthropological Association. recordings and exhibits.

Archaeological_specimens_from_New_England containing info on Rappahannock Indians
This series of INDIAN NOTES AND MONOGRAPHS is devoted primarily to the publication of the results of studies by members of the staff of the Museum of the American Indian & the Heye Foundation

The History and Present State of Virginia in 4 Parts
Online transcription of 1705 book written by Robert Beverly.

 The General History of Virginia and New England
Online transcription of 1607 book written by Captain John Smith

The Algonquian Terms Patawomeke [Potomac]
1901 study of Algonquian words and place-names by William W. Tooker

The First People of Virginia
A Social Studies Resource Unit for K-6 Students

"Father White's Briefe Relation ~ Narratives of Early Maryland"
gives a description of "Patomeck Towne